Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Blog 193: Page by Paige Graphic Novel

Synopsis of the book from Goodreads
Everyone sees a quiet redhead who draws things. But when I close my eyes, I'm laughing and screaming and scheming and daydreaming.
New city. New friends. New Paige? 

When Paige's parents move her family from Virginia to New York City, Paige doesn't know where she fits in anymore. At first, the only thing keeping her company is her notebook, where she pours her worries and observations and experiments with her secret identity: ARTIST. With the confidence the book brings her, she starts to make friends and shake up her family's expectations. But she is ready to become the person she draws in her notebook?

Laura Lee Gulledge's stunning art digs deep into the soul and exposes all the ups, downs, and sideways feelings of being a young adult on the edge of the rest of your life.

My Review:
Cover: The cover is intriguing. I do like the colors that were used for the cover. The title very much plays into the story that is being told throughout this graphic novel.

Things that I liked: I really enjoyed the dialogue throughout this graphic novel. I liked the characters and how they interacted with each other. The story line is great. Taking something and turning it into an art form. I really enjoyed reading about Paige's journey in a new location and the struggles that she was facing with the move, and leaving friends behind. It's something that I think everyone goes through. But to see this in a story and see how the main character turns it around and blossoms from it is great. 

Things I didn't like: I do wish that the pages were more in color than black and white. I really would have liked to see the colors that would be associated with the characters. 

Overall: I rated this graphic novel 4 out of 5 stars.

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