Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Blog 190: Escape from Lucien (Amulet #6)

Synopsis of the book from Goodreads
A worthy mission...or a trap?

Navin and his classmates journey to Lucien, a city ravaged by war and plagued by mysterious creatures, where they search for a beacon essential to their fight against the Elf King. Meanwhile, Emily heads back into the Void with Max, one of the Elf King's loyal followers, where she learns his darkest secrets. The stakes, for both Emily and Navin, are higher than ever.

My Review:
I really enjoyed the detail of this cover. So many colors and lines and shapes.

Things that I liked: I have been reading this graphic novel series since the beginning. I really enjoy the use of colors and everything that goes into putting together this graphic novel series. I love the characters and the obstacles that they must endure in order to get to where they need to be. I know that this is geared more towards juveniles but I just absolutely love it. I think they do a really nice job of creating the storyline and keeping it interesting with the dialogue and the graphics and the colors my goodness I love the colors. I love following Emily and Navin on their quests throughout each one the of volumes of the series. 

Things that I didn't like: I have no complaints, except that I don't know when the next one is coming out. 

Overall: I rated this volume a 5 stars because I love that the book starts where the previous one left off and they continue through the journey to reach for what it is they are looking for. It kept me interested and I want to know what happens next.

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