Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog 21 - Jane Jones: Worst. Vampire. Ever.


About the Book
For Jane Jones, being a vampire is nothing like you read about in books. In fact, it kind of sucks. She's not beautiful, she's not rich, and she doesn't "sparkle." She's just an average, slightly nerdy girl from an ordinary suburban family (who happens to be vampires.) Jane's from the wrong side of the tracks (not to mention stuck in the world's longest awkward phase), so she doesn't fit in with the cool vampire kids at school or with the humans kids. To top it all off, she's battling an overprotective mom, a clique of high school mean girls (the kind who really do have fangs), and the most embarrassing allergy in the history of the undead, she's blood intolerant. So no one's more surprised than Jane when for the first time in her life, things start to heat up (as much as they can for a walking corpse, anyway) with not one, but two boys. Eli's a geeky, but cute real-live boy in her history class, and Timothy is a beautiful, brooding bloodsucker, who might just hold the key to a possible "cure" for vampirism. Facing an eternity of high school pressure, fumbling first dates, or a mere lifetime together with Timothy, what's a 90-something year-old teen vampire to do?

My Review
Let me start by saying that I love vampire novels. I enjoyed reading Anne Rice's Vampires Chronicles, liked reading the Twilight Saga through I thought sparkling was unnecessary for the vampires, but it's not my book so it's okay. But this book was a big disappointment for me. The cover was brightly colored, which I didn't mind. But the story in its self, was awkward to me. I give the author props for trying a different twist to vampire novels, but I didn't really like it as much as I thought I would. I read the first line of the story and did not get the sense that it would be a vampire story. I didn't get any vampire sense of the story until page 2. The first seven chapters seemed like the main character is just rambling. I didn't really see any plot until about page 100-101. After that point in the story it started to get a little better, but at the same time I felt like there was no major plot that outweighed the other subplots. The other thing that I noticed was that the author is a comedy writer for big time shows like Late Show with David Letterman, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, and even VH1's Best Week Ever. With that being said, I was looking forward to the humorous parts of the book, but I didn't see the humorous parts.

I will say this about the book, some of the characters and a little bit of the ending redeemed the book a little bit, but I still had the feeling or sense that it was missing something, but I can't exactly put my finger on it.

I would rate this book: <3 <3 < (2.5 hearts)

That is all for me for now. I will be doing more blog posts soon about some more books, and my writing. Happy Reading and Happy Writing!