Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Blog 186: The Cloud Searchers

Synopsis of the Book from Goodreads
An impossible journey with danger at every turn...

Emily, Navin, and their crew of resistance fighters charter an airship and set off in search of the lost city of Cielis. There they hope to find help from the Guardian Council's powerful Stonekeepers. It's a mission that Alledia's survival depends on, and time is running out--Emily's got to find Cielis before the Elf King finds her

My Review:
Cover: The cover is just as amazing as the first two. I love that this series continues right where the previous book leaves off.

Things that I liked: I liked that there is more urgency in this section of the mission. The need to find the lost city of Cielis is intriguing. I enjoyed reading and seeing the whole mission unfold and what happens to the characters as they go through their mission. It is sad that the one robot and the pink bunny was taken from the airship. I also really enjoyed the colors that were used throughout the story. They colors were just fantastic. I liked seeing Emily still learning about what she can do with her abilities as she is learning them. 

Things that I didn't like: The only thing I can say that I didn't like was the fact the it felt like we were just getting to the good part and they ended the book. 

Overall: I would recommend this book and its series. I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

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