Monday, May 16, 2016

Blog 165 - Writing Journeys

Writing is a fickle thing.

Sometimes it comes easily and sometimes it doesn't.

Over the past year my writing hasn't come so easily as it used to. But I understand that going through a lot in the past year like I have will probably play a part in my writing or lack there of. When I write, how much I write, or even if I'm writing at all. It is all part of the journey, isn't it?  The lack of inspiration, motivation or even a lack of a muse all plays important parts in the process.

For me getting back into my writing is a journey in itself. I feel that I must be in the right frame of mind in order to be there for my characters and their worlds. I have to be there for them as they are there for me. I haven't been able to write much as of late due to that lack of mindset. Try as I might, I just can't get into it.

Does that mean that I quit writing? Does that mean that I quit the characters I have created thus far?


It means that I journey further into their stories. I find their stories, read them and journey into their world just enough to capture the mindset to begin again. From there I create their villains, their surroundings, their victories. I help them along their journeys to complete their missions, to save their families, to take hold of their inheritance of power, to start a new life, and complete my journey at the same time.

So the more author blogs I see and read, the more I aspire to be among them, the more I aspire to be just like them. The more they inspire me to continue down the path of my journey. To continue doing what I love, what I'm passionate about, to create the "what-ifs" and "what about this" scenarios for my characters and their stories.

Journeys are never easy. They always have obstacles and these obstacles won't stop me from picking up my pen or pulling out my keyboard and writing on my stories.

I have a long journey ahead of me but in the end I hope it will be worth it.

But the time is now, I must continue down my path if I am to reach the end of my journey. I must press forward in order to beat the odds, and share in the treasures I found along the way.

For now I share this little treasure that I found recently along my journey:
From my Work in Progress - Reaper High

The pencil rolled away onto the desk. It was last night's algebra homework. I turn to head to my closet in search of my backpack when I froze in mid-step, and just stared at the room in front of me. Everything I look at was either black or white. What happened to my belongings? Where did all the color go? I sit back on my bed and try to think about what is going on right now. All of a sudden, someone places a hand on my shoulder. I jump when I look up to see a dark cloaked figure standing next to me. I never heard him coming. How did he get into my room? I move away from him before he bends over with laughter. He drops the plastic skeleton hand onto the bed, taking the hood from his cloak off his head.

So that is just a piece of a work in progress that I have been working. I hope to have it finished soon so I can do editing and then hopefully send it out for submission later this year.

That is all for me for now. Happy Writing!


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