Friday, May 13, 2016

Blog 163 - Puzzles Galore!!!

 So among all the activities that I do during my days, puzzles is one of them. Now I enjoy the regular jigsaw puzzles and some of them are glued together and used for my house decor. But the puzzles I am talking about in this post are the 3-D puzzles.

Now if you guys know me personally you know that I have been collecting these puzzles for quite some time now. I currently own about 60 puzzles that of this variety.

In the picture to the left is how the puzzles come in the box. Not all of the puzzles come this way, some come in one bag with all pieces. But this is how it starts though. The pieces come in and I must set them free in order to start putting the puzzle together.! Shall we begin?...
 In the picture to the right, I have laid out the pieces in order to get a sense of what the pieces look like and see where the starting piece is.

With these puzzles I try to set aside the most important parts until they are needed. With this particular puzzle the most important pieces are the flower, the wings, the hair bun, the arms, and the rods that hold everything together.

Let's continue....
As you put the puzzles together, you may notice that the pieces are not flat pieces. These pieces are actually like two pieces in one layered on top of each other. This gives it a level of challenging my mind aspect. Because if you place one piece but there is another that goes before it, there will be a gap and the puzzle won't be complete.

Here in the picture to the left, you can see that this particular puzzle the finished product is Disney's Tinkerbell.

These puzzles range in size, and number of pieces. Because I have done so many of these puzzles I can put these together very quickly. The smaller puzzles usually take me 10-20 minutes depending on the difficulty. I have had some that take longer. Then the bigger ones usually take me about 30-45 minutes and those are usually close to 100 pieces.

In terms of the puzzles and which one you can get for your collection, it depends on where you go to find them. I generally find these at Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, Walmart, and even Amazon. But I buy a specific brand. I get the Clearly Puzzled brand. It is a black box and they are made by a company called Bepuzzled. Here are just some of the other puzzles that I have in my collection.

(Above) 4 -Leaf Clover, (Right) Blue Sapphire 

 (Left) Blue Swan
 (Right) Red Antique Car
 (Left) Diamond - just like the sapphire above there is always a ruby and an emerald.
 (Right) Silver and Gold Teddy Bears
 (Left) Pyramid - Very first 3-D Puzzle I completed.
 (Right) Winnie-the-Pooh from the Disney side of the collection.
 (Left) Bambi from Disney side of the collection
 (Right) Elephant and a T-Rex.
 (Left) A Pirate Ship
 (Right) A red Apple - there is also a green one.
 (Left) A pink Heart and there is also a red one.

Remember these are just a few of what I have put together. Some of the other puzzles not pictured in this blog post are as follows: Cat & Kitten, Dog, Dachshund, Butterfly, Bird, Panda, Shark, 3 different colored skulls (Red, Black, and silver), locomotive, London Bus, Grapes, Star, Sun, Saturn, Moon, Earth, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Dumbo, Cinderella, Ariel, Buzz Lightyear, Hello Kitty, Snoopy, Carousel, Eiffel Tower, Dolphin, Castle, Lion, and even a piggy bank.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the puzzles. That is all for this post and I'll see you in my next one.

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