Friday, May 13, 2016

Blog 161 - Reading Slump

What is a reading slump?

I have always wonder what it is exactly. What defines a reading slump? What causes a reading slump? How do you get out of a reading slump?

Those are the questions that I usually see or hear when it comes to people talking about or even making a YouTube video discussing reading slumps to their viewers. Those are the questions I want to try and answer in terms of my experience with reading slumps. Let me tell you they are no fun...LOL.

What is a reading slump/ what defines a reading slump?
For me, a reading slump is a period of time that goes unfulfilled by reading. What I mean by "goes unfulfilled" is that there is a time period where no books are being read. This time period is usually the reader starting book after book but never finishing them. It's like they become uninterested in the books - all of the books. They need that one book that will break the cycle and hold their attention to continue past the first 20 pages. I have been in reading slumps before and they are not fun. I hate getting in those reading slumps where it seems nothing will satisfy your fierce appetite for reading. No matter what you read you feel as though you can't finish that something is blocking you from enjoying the read. May that something be your environment, your work schedule, or even your school work if you are in school.

Definition of a reading slump (in my opinion): The inability to read books in their entirety due to outside stimulus may it be important or non important.

What causes a reading slump?
The answer to this question really depends on the person and their situation. For me, lately my reading slump is due to several factors: my environment, my work schedule, and my overwhelming TBR pile (more on this later). To many factors for this question to be answered by just me.

Some things I have heard from other readers about their reading slumps. They are caused by:
- Looming final exams
- Family matters emergency
- Work schedules changing
- Just don't want to read anything
- Overwhelming TBR piles (100+ books)
- Stories seem the same and looking for something new and different

and the last question...

How do you get out of a reading group?
I have heard several ways to end a reading slump as well. I have heard and talked with other readers that say they switch things up from their normal routines.

Here are some of those ideas to end a reading slump:
1. Take a break from trying to read and just relax.
2. Do a different activity that takes your mind off of the reading slump.
3. Sit in a quiet location and clear your mind.
4. Try different experiments to getting back into reading.
5. Start a new hobby.

These are just some of the ideas that either readers or myself have come up with to combat a reading slump. So many of us devour books for our social media outlets that sometimes we even forget to savor or enjoy the books. For me when it comes to reading slumps, I have tried a lot of the above ideas to help me get back into reading and most of the time they work. I have started new hobbies and expanding my knowledge base. I have experimented with audio books and reading. That is another post in itself.

The point is this - life happens and everyone is going through things at different times. These reading slumps are bound to happen in some form or another. Do what works for you to get out of it. Try new things, experiment, or simply walk away and come back to it. However you choose to do it, you are a reader, books are your life, they will always be there waiting for you to explore them.

That is all for now. Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the comments (& my next post).


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