Friday, May 13, 2016

Blog 162 - Overwhelming TBR Pile

So in the picture to the left that me being excited about moving into the new house and having the ability to use what is technically a bedroom as a library.

I absolutely love it. I will probably post pictures of what it looks like now later in a different blog post. But for the purpose of this post I'm talking about overwhelming TBR piles.

Now in this picture, you can see all of the books that I own and was trying to organize before putting them on the book shelves. Needless to say I later separated the books into categories - Books I've read, and books I've not read. About half of that pile there on the floor was books that I haven't read yet.

Since this picture books have been read, but more books that been added and not read. It is so weird. I swear I have a problem. I starting doing the reading challenges and joined the YouTube BookTube community with a simple yet manageable strategy. Buy a couple books a month - read said books throughout the month before buying more. I would use those books to create videos and to create blog posts here about reviewing them.

Before long it turned into I would have more books to read than I could keep up with. My TBR pile just kept growing and growing, but my reading ratio was declining more and more.

Now I feel overwhelmed with all of the awesome books that I was set out to read and I look at the books not knowing where to begin. Then comes a reading slump because I don't know which book to start with. I have experimented with ways to try and focus on my reading and it just isn't working out.

I have tried book buying bans to no end, I have created TBR jars, author TBR jars, and many other experiments, even trying to read books by using audio books to listen and read along with the books. That works to a certain degree. I have even trying banning myself from book stores and online shopping, while my credit card is happy to be getting paid off - there is still that urge to buy a book now and then...LOL.

I know that I just need to buckle down and read these books. I wonder what would be easier read the book series books first since I have most of the series if not all of them or read the other ones that are either stand alone books or the first book in a series.

Either way I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it...LOL. If you guys have any tips or tricks to reading your TBR piles, please comment below. I would love to hear  about how you get through them.

That is all for me today. Happy reading and see you in my next blog post.

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Anonymous said...

I would say start with as series and work your way through that has helped me with my TBR pile and I feel like it gives it organization which always helps me.