Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog 22 - Finals Week, a Computer Meltdown, and December Challenge!

I noticed that I have not logged into my blog here in a few weeks or months. To my followers (all 5 of you) I am sorry about that. But not to worry, I'm in my final exam week. I will be taking my last final exam of the fall 2011 semester on December 3rd for my Spanish 2 class.

With that said, afterwards I will rest up for a day and plan out some vlog and blog posts and be posting them in the next week. I say that my computer will have a meltdown, because I'm behind on everything. I have about 4-5 YouTube videos that I have to either film, edit, or just upload to my YouTube channel. I'm in the process of creating a book trailer for one of my book concepts that I'm currently working on.

Also Happy December to everyone!
In the month of December I have decided that I am going to challenge myself to reading a book a day (since I have about 30+ books that need to be read). I will then write a review for the book and post it here on the blog. Along with reading, I will also be finishing up one of my three book concepts. I hope to finish one of them at the end of the month/year.

Until next post, Happy Reading and Writing!

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