Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blog 24 - Fiction Faction Class Photo!!

Some of you might know that I am finishing up my Bachelor's degree in English - Creative Writing. I am loving this degree choice. One of my classes that I most recently finished up was a creative writing class - Fiction I. I loved this class. If I was in a bad mood and I had Fiction I that day, I would go to it and always leave with a smile. My professor and all of the classmates were great.

It was towards the end of the semester that we started talking about scheduling for Fiction II, and everything else. After the class ended for the last time, we realized that we didn't take a class picture as a memento. So one of my clever classmates drew thing picture:

This is our class photo. Each person in the picture is drawn in using either a piece of their personality and/or a piece from one of their stories from class. A little confused reader, well let me give you an example. For example, I am drawn into the piece as a Grim Reaper at the top center of the picture. The reason for me being a Grim Reaper is because I wrote a piece that involves Grim Reapers. This piece is now being expanded into a novel. So this is our class photo. Now I got bored one day and was inspired by two fellow classmates who colored the picture, so I colored my own version. It turned out like this:

*Warning: Colors might appear darker than they seem.*

That is all for now. I will be posting a few more posts later this week. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you subscribe.

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