Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blog 121 - Let the Writing Begin!!

Hey Everyone,

So today’s post is going be talking about my goal between now and the end of the year when it comes to my writing. I’ve been writing seriously for almost about three years now. I have written one novel that is currently in revisions right now before I send it to my critique partners. But I have also been working on other pieces as well.

I have set a goal to finish at least two out of the four story concepts that I have been working on in various stages. Here is where I stand on each one:

Concept #1 = Currently Revising, Working title is “Adrenaline”
Concept #2 = Currently researching &Writing, genre: paranormal, working title is “Power Inheritance”
Concept #3 = Currently Plotting it out and take notes, researching, genre: paranormal, working title is “My New Undead Life”
Concept #4 = Currently simmering in my brain about its creation and what I want to see out of it, genre: paranormal, working title is “Reaper High”

Now that I have finished school, I will be working diligently on these pieces in order to reach my goal. While I can’t say exactly what the concepts are about yet, I believe they are original concepts and ideas. I do hope to share them with the world one day. I do hope you all will follow along in my journey to become a published writer.

I have also set goals as personal deadlines for these pieces to be finished. The first concept I hoped to have finished with revisions and passed to my critique partners before the middle of summer (July 31st), and I hope to have finished the rough draft with the second concept by the fall season (October 22nd) to give me time to jot down notes and start the third concept for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month = November 1-30th). I’m researching the third concept now.
So that is all for me right now.
Until next time, Happy Reading and Writing!

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