Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blog 103 - Bottled Books!

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a beautiful day.
Today's post is one of inspiration and projects. Over in the book tube community on YouTube, there is a blogger that goes by the username "Danicw1996", she created this video titled "Bottled Books DIY", here is the link to that video!

Bottled Books by Danicw1996

I was inspired by her video to make a bottle of books of my own to help me in choosing titles to read from my shelf to reach my goal of 35 books this year, with or without including my textbooks for my final college class. I had gathered the necessary materials needed for this project, though a few things were not attainable, and substituted with other materials and/or omitted completely.

Materials Needed for the project
- 1 clear label-free wine bottle
- Little white pieces of paper
- Titles of books you would like to read this year
- 1 pen or marker to write titles on paper
- Some kind of string to use for tying the paper
- scissors (to cut the string)

Object of this project: To write the titles on the white pieces of paper (as seen in the video), and roll up the papers that you will tie with the string and place in bottle and when ready to pick your next book, simply open the bottle and pull out the first rolled up paper to choose your next book of reading.

Simple enough, yes?

Not in my house... Here is my similar yet alternative project results.

So instead of having a clear wine bottle handy I had this:

Yes that is a mason jar that some people use to make and store fruits and veggies for years at a time.
So my next step in the project was to write the titles on the white pieces of paper but alas that didn't go according to plan either. I ended up using purple pieces of paper, but now that I look at the finished product, I love the way it turned out. Here is a picture of my purple pieces of paper.

All the titles of the books I would like to read this year are in that pile and ready to go in the jar.
Here is a series of pictures of me filling up the jar with all the book title pieces of paper.

      The First handful of book titles goes in....

The Second handful of book titles go in...

The Third and Final handful of book titles go into the jar.
Now it is time for the lid(s)

And...the second lid...

And that my friends is the jar of books! I will use this to select my books in the future. I will have no idea what book I'm reading until I pick out the book.

Many thanks to Danicw1996 for creating that little DIY project, and hope that you guys all get inspired to create your own bottle (or jar) of books to help you choose your next book to read.

Until next time, Happy Reading!

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