Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blog 72 - August - December Update

Hey Everyone! I hope you are all doing well with your reading challenges and writing goals!

So today’s blog post is just going to be a little update about what is going to be happening over the next couple of months.

Reading – My reading challenge is well under way. I have so far read about 25 out of 40 books for the challenge. With each passing week I get closer to my goal of 40 books for this year. I have about 15 books that I will be adding to the count over the next 4 months because of college textbooks (that aren’t really textbooks)

School – If any one of you reading this knows me then you know what is going on in my life right now, but for the lovely followers who do not, I’ll let you in on my life a little bit. With the end of August fast approaching it means that I will be starting another semester of college soon. So many glorious things will happen this semester. I will be taking some awesome classes that will help me become the writer that I have always dreamed of becoming. This is also my last semester in college. I will be finally graduating in December with my Bachelor’s degree. So I’m really excited for my graduation.

Writing -  With my last semester of college about to start, I’m a little skeptical that I will have enough time to work on my writing projects, but I’m determined to get at least one of them done with writing and revisions. I have set a deadline to have this work done by my graduation (December 14, 2012). After graduation I will be working on query letters and other projects to send to potential agents and publishers. I hope that things work out well for me as I would love to share my writing projects with the world one day.

Well that is all the updates for me right now.
Until next time, Happy Reading and Writing!

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