Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog 32 - Change Write Now - Week 2

Hello readers!

So I wanted to tell you that I'm embarking on a new challenge that started at the beginning of the month. It's called Change Write Now and it's a habit-changing challenge taking place within the writing community. The basic idea of this challenge is that everyone who has signed up has been split into teams (Go Team "For Our SAKES"!) and is competing to earn points each day...points for eating healthy, exercising, creating one good habit, and breaking one bad habit.

I didn't do so well on Week 1, it seemed I missed a few emails or never got them. But once that was resolved I jumped right in. I started eating healthy foods, drinking more water and less soda. I have been exercising more as well. Between the walking on campus to and from classes, and trying to not use the elevator as much.

So far my my goals are going well. I feel more energetic than I have been feeling. I have also set a goal to go along with this challenge though I don't get points for it, but if my team mates keep me in line about my writing goal then perhaps I will finish my first book rough draft before April when the spring semester ends. So far my team mates have been very helpful in keeping me on task with the writing. I'm grateful for the daily encouragements, and questions about how I'm doing. I love them for it. I hope we do really well in the end, and that everyone reaches their goals.

That is all for now, almost time for class. Happy reading and writing!

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