Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog 43 - End of April Update

Hello Followers,

I know that I haven't posted anything lately, and for that I apologize.

With the Spring semester coming to an end, I've been busy with finishing up assignments and a final exam next Tuesday. After my one and only exam is complete, which I was shocked about only having one exam, I will have about six weeks off before my summer classes start.

In the meantime, I will be catching up on my reading challenge that I took on like so many did this year. I'm a few books behind, so with that said, I'll be getting to those books, getting them read and reviewed, so keep an eye out for later posts.

Some GOOD NEWS!!! I almost finished writing my first book. I'm adding a couple of scenes before it's finished and I set it aside in order to clear my mind of the project before starting revisions in early June. 

With that said, I will also be starting to write my second book concept, which will hopefully be expanded into four books. I will attempt to write the first complete book in the six weeks that I have off before my classes start in late June. Wish me luck! There will blog posts along the way of my progress of certain word count milestones. 

...Now let's did I forget anything?... *thinks for a moment*

Nope I believe that's it. Tune in next time for some Book Hauls.

Happy Reading!!

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