Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog 30 - Back to School!!

It's True, I'm back in school for another semester. The Spring 2012 semester has started. (It actually started on the 9th). I'm looking forward to this semester, as it is one of 3 left until my graduation. I'm really excited for that. I wish it were this semester actually but it will come all in due time.

So this semester, I decided to take some good courses, some easier than others. I'm taking:

American Literature 1912-1945
Fiction II
Film & Culture
Poetry I

Those are some good courses, right? I thought so and so did my adviser. I think I will be getting the good grades this semester. That's what I'm aiming for anyways. So I thought I would write a little blog post and say a little forewarning.

If I'm not online or if I don't do a blog post at least once a week, DON'T PANIC. It just means that I'm busy with school work or writing my book. (I'm trying to finish the rough draft by the end of April) But I also have my book challenge for this year. I'm aiming to read at least 52 books, which equals to a book a week, so that means I will should have at least a book review per week. Right? See nothing to worry about. Well I have to get going I have a writing session to do, a vet appointment for my kitty, and then off to class for the rest of the day.

Until next time. Happy Reading or Writing!!

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