Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blog 57 - Jennifer L. Armentrout Signing in Orlando!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share with you my adventures of my second book signing. This signing was for the author Jennifer L. Armentrout and her book Obsidian! In the picture to the right, I was having two copies of Obsidian signed. Not only was it signed by the author but also the book cover model Sztella and Pepe. Which was really awesome! I also got to pass out a few of my mini business cards to the authors assistant in the striped shirt. :)

Signing Details
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Date: June 13, 2012
City: Orlando, FL
Bookstore: Barnes and Noble

I was told by friend and fellow blogger/writer Sarah Nicolas about this signing. She actually had a Facebook event setup for it. I decided to go to this one as well to see if every signing event is the same. It turns out that they are similar but not the same. This signing had the author (of course), the book cover models, and a publisher/senior editor. There were definitely a lot of teens there as most schools are out for the summer. They started the signing with a little bit of information on the book, followed by a Q & A session, then we did the book signing portion. If you wanted pictures then you would have to wait until everyone got their books signed, but that was okay with me. While I waited for the picture taking session, I went and purchased my books, and was able to also get the fourth and final book in the Fallen series by Lauren Kate, Rapture. It came with an exclusive poster.

Ah, it's my turn with the author for a picture. Here's my picture with the author and book cover models. From left to right: Author Jennifer L. Armentrout, me, Pepe and Sztella. The models are from Hungary, which was neat. Both author and models were very sweet!! :)

I believe I was one of the last people to get my picture taken with them. But that's okay. I don't mind at all.  Afterwards I was sitting with Sarah Nicolas and her sister Kayelee. My husband went with me to Orlando and he wasn't ready to go I guess. I soon found out that he was up to something. After a few minutes I found out what he was up to. He was getting me this:

 He got me a signed Event poster with the author's name, the book that was the event was for, Obsidian, and the book cover models signed it too. I'm definitely getting this framed.

I was also able to get some book swag that the author had sitting out on the table for us to pick up as we were getting our books signed. The picture below shows the things I was able to get from the table. She had postcards, bookmarks, even guitar picks. There were two different colors of guitar picks, purple and red.

I would say that this book signing was a success. I had some fun at this signing. I look forward to more signings for this author or other authors in the future. I'm hooked! :)

You should definitely check out Jennifer L. Armentrout's book Obsidian. Though I haven't started reading it yet, just reading the synopsis it sounds good. I will be reading and reviewing it soon!

Until next time, Happy Reading!

P.S. Keep your eyes open I will be doing a giveaway soon!


Lynn K. said...

Great recap! I'm so jealous of everyone who got to go to the signings. *A*

TheAMWriter said...

Thank you! I hope you get to go to one eventually, they are fun!