Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blog 63 - Adrenaline by Alisha Blanchard

So I bet you guys are probably asking yourselves what is this about? Who is Alisha Blanchard? What is this book about? Is it even a book?

Before you get all excited or bent out of shape, take a deep breath and relax. I will explain and answer your questions one at a time, interview style. Let's begin.

Who is Alisha Blanchard?
Hello, I'm Alisha Blanchard. I'm the creator of this blog. I'm also an aspiring Young Adult novelist. I'm working on two of my creations as we speak. Well I'm actually Revising one book while writing a second one.

What is this picture about?
The picture that is posted to the left is a creative piece I made earlier. I wanted to have some fun and create what my book cover for the WIP "Adrenaline" would look like if it were published. Now I know that if it got picked up by an agent and/or publisher that this probably wouldn't be my cover but a girl can dream, right?
How did you create this picture?
The background of the cover is a black and white photo that I took back in my early years of college for my black and white photography class. Believe it or not, that is Interstate 95 at night time. I placed the picture in Microsoft Word after cropping it and I added the Title and my name to give it that real book cover feel.

So what will the story be about?
Alexis Bryant lives a normal life or so she thought. When her family finds out that the father is missing. She wants to help find and get him back, but the family won't let her. They don't want her to get involved. Only when she finds out about her brother's racing crew, is she allowed to tag along to one of his meets and learn about the racing world. She was given a car of her own for her birthday. But shortly there after she gets a letter from her father captives saying what she must do to get her father back. She must do it the right way, one wrong move, and her father will be killed. Will Alexis be able to save her father in the time allotted? Or will he be killed for his wrong doings?

As you can see this is a hypothetical book cover that I made just for fun for my WIP! A book cover that I hope would one day be real if and when my book is selected for publication. Until then I must finish its revisions and start my querying process. Wish me luck!

Until next time, Happy Reading and Writing!

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