Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blog 76 - Apology for my Absence

Hello to my Lovely followers who are still with me and waiting patiently for the next post. I would like to use this post to apology for my absence.


It seems that my final semester of college and working a part-time job is kicking my butt. I have been reading tons of great pieces of literature. Such pieces include Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and even then Canterbury Tales (coming soon after Midterms week). While at the same time it leaves room for nothing else in my days. On the bright side, I only have 10 weeks of the semester left, then its graduation for me.

Once graduation is over in early December I will be back in full swing of things: book hauls, tons of book reviews, and getting my book revisions done.

I miss not being able to do my blog and YouTube posts. I can’t wait to get things back under way. I will try and make posts here and there between now and December but I will definitely be back on the blog schedule once graduation is over.

That is all for now. Until next time, thank you for staying here on the blog waiting patiently for new posts.  

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